F.J. Davey

Family Council

The F.J. Davey Home has an active Family Council, which meets the third Tuesday of the month in the Third Floor Classroom. It is open to family and friends of residents and all are welcome! We understand the time constraints that all caregivers and advocates face, so many friends and families attend on a 'Come When You Can' basis. You may also wish to sign-up for the minutes of the meetings and notices of upcoming events, by e-mailing your name, e-mail address and phone number along with your resident's name to: familycouncil@fjdaveyhome.org

We regularly have updates from the Executive Director on the status of the Home and its programmes, funding and progress. Past speakers have included dietary, pharmacy, facilities, housekeeping and other departments. The Home's Doctors, Directors of Nursing, and pharmacists have all been open to attending and addressing issues of interest and any concerns of Family Council attendees.

CHAIRPERSON: Frances Ryan - (705) 949-6040


SECRETARY: Patty Frost


EVENTS: Chris Bot

What is a Family Council?

A Family Council is an organized, self-led, self-determining, democratic group composed of family and friends of the residents of a Long-Term Care Home. The main purposes of a Family Council are to improve the quality of life and care of Long-Term Care residents and to give families and friends a forum for sharing their experiences, learning, and exchanging information. Most Family Councils work with a Family Council Staff Assistant which is a person that the Home appoints at the request of the Family Council to assist the Council and attend meetings on request. Family Council activities include:

• Promoting mutual support among Council members and other families and friends involved with the Home’s residents often through sharing information and experiences as well as educating Council members on issues affecting residents and families – sometimes by engaging guest speakers

• Facilitating communication and promoting partnerships with Home staff and residents as well as residents’ families and friends who are not involved directly on the Council

• Advocating regarding collective concerns. Advocacy can focus on issues within the Home or occasionally broader concerns

Family Councils are included in the Long-Term Care Homes Act, sections 59-68. The Act outlines the Long Term Care Home’s obligations to support the establishment of a Council, the powers of a Council, who may and may not be a member of the Council and more. **

** Used with permission: Family Councils Ontario