F.J. Davey


F. J. Davey Home residents may choose from comfortable private, semi-private and basic rooms, which are comfortably furnished with a bed, night table, dresser, and closet. Families are encouraged to decorate and furnish the rooms with personal items and treasures such as comforters, art work, photos or a preferred chair. In accordance with Home policy, placement of furniture, mounting of pictures, replacement of light bulbs and connection of electrical appliances are performed by our maintenance department.

Housekeeping cleans the rooms and common areas on a daily basis. Personal laundry is picked up on a daily basis, cleaned and returned to resident's rooms. Maintenance ensures the inside and exterior of the facility is maintained and in proper working order. All personal items are marked with the resident’s name upon admission.

Nutritious meals and snacks including seasonal favorites are provided under the direction of our Dietary Manager and Registered Dieticians. We provide three meals daily, nourishing snacks between meals and at bedtime, special therapeutic diets, dietary supplements and devices enable residents to feed themselves.

Residents are able to celebrate special events, such as birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas and Mother’s/Father’s Day with their family in the Home. A room may be reserved by contacting the Director of Resident & Volunteer Activities at extension 221. Advance notice should be provided to ensure availability, as rooms are offered on a first come, first serve basis.

Although the RHA dining room does not accommodate guests, families may join a resident for a meal in the RHA Activity Room or Lounge, as available, or in Pine Court or Maple Court, as reserved. The Home is unable to provide meals for guests and family, but they are more than welcome to bring in their own meal.

A personal trust account is recommended for every resident. The Home will maintain a non-interest bearing account on behalf of the resident at no charge. Personal trust funds are available for withdrawal by the weekdays between 12:00p.m and 4:00p.m. The resident or their legal Power of Attorney must sign for all cash withdrawals and will receive a copy of the receipt. Withdrawals greater than $100.00 will be issued by cheque. The resident or their legal representative can set up a trust account with the Resident Finances Clerk during normal business hours.