F.J. Davey

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Caring Environments for Everyday Living

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The Davey Home is a 374-bed, not-for-profit long-term care home managed by Extendicare Assist. Licensed by the Ontario government, the Davey Home operates in compliance with the regulations of the Fixing Long Term Act, 2021. It is audited annually in accordance with the CRA regulations as a non-profit corporation with charitable status (2001).

The board, consisting of up to 11 members, meets once monthly and offers flexibility for members to attend either in person or connect virtually. Our commitment extends beyond these meetings, seeking individuals eager to actively participate, potentially engaging in committees and additional tasks to further support the well-being of our residents.

Your involvement as a board member directly impacts the lives of those within our care. Our commitment to excellence has garnered accolades from Accreditation Canada, the Registered Nurses’ Association of Ontario, and the Ontario Long-Term Care Association. Joining our team means contributing to and furthering these high standards.

We value diversity and seek candidates from various backgrounds. If you have experience in healthcare, business, law, human resources, or possess linguistic skills beyond English and French, your perspective will greatly enrich our decision-making process.

To apply for the position of Director, please contact Connie Lee, CAO, by email, fax, phone, or mail. We also invite you to attend an information session or reach out with any questions.

Your commitment and passion are essential in helping us meet the needs and rights of our residents responsibly and ethically. Together, let’s continue to uphold the highest standards of care and support.

Email: clee@fjdaveyhome.org

Fax: 705 942 2234

Phone: 705 942 2204

Canada Post Address: 733 Third Line East, Sault Ste. Marie, ON P6A 7C1

We are a "SCENT FREE" environment

The F.J. Davey Home, located at 733 Third Line East, Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, is a three level 374 bed long-term care nursing home. The Home is designed to care for its residents in a homelike environment within 12 Resident Home Areas (RHA’s). Ten of the RHA’s accommodate 32 residents each and two of them are home to 27 residents each. Each RHA is designed so that when you enter through the "front door" you find yourself in the living room. The dining room and dedicated activity room are adjacent to this area. The resident’s bedrooms are found down two corridors with access to the Spa area from either hallway. The Charting Centre found on each RHA provides easy access to nursing staff by residents and their families.

Names for the Resident Home Areas were chosen by the residents and are depicted at the main entrance to each RHA and throughout by way of room identification and way finding signage. On each level you will find: Apple Orchard, Birch Lane, Cedar Grove and Driftwood Beach.

Each adjacent pair of RHA’s share a food service area, medication room, treatment room and are joined by a staff corridor.

Do You have a Concern or Question

If you have a concern or question that you would like to speak to someone about, the following steps are encouraged:

1) Speak with the staff directly about the concern. If this does not address the issue, please speak with the manager of the department.

2) If this is not effective, a concern can be brought forward in writing. This is given to the department manager. A response will be provided to you within 10 business days

3) You can bring a concern forward to the Residents Council or to the Family Council. A response will be provided to the Council Chair within 10 business days

4) You can call the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care directly with a concern or question. The number is noted below

5) You can reach out to the Patient Ombudsman with a question or to note a concern. The number is noted below

6) If you wish to bring a concern or question to the Board of Directors, please provide a written summary of the question, along with your name and contact information to the Administrator. You will be provided with additional information on what is required to be added to the Agenda for the Board of Directors.

Please Note the following Information is provided if there is a wish to follow up further with the MOHLTC

2024 UPDATES (Feb 20th)

Families and Visitors

We have had some challenges over the last 10 days, with COVID outbreaks increasing across a number of Resident Home Areas. At this time we have 7 units in outbreak. We would strongly encourage you to call the unit you are visiting to see what their status is.

As well, we would remind all persons to please NOT come to the home if you have any symptoms of a respiratory tract infection, scratchy throat, malaise, runny nose, or just not feeling yourself.

For those persons who are not essential visitors we ask that you consider delaying your visit by 5 or 6 days. This will be helpful in stopping infection transmission across resident home areas.

We encourage everyone to diligently practice hand hygiene and to ensure their mask if fully covering their nose and mouth while moving through the building. If you can likewise encourage your loved one to actively clean their hands prior to and after touching anything it would be very helpful.


Masking: Caregivers and Visitors

• With winter upon us, we have seen an increase in all respiratory infections (Influenza, RSV, Parainfluenza, Covid). Accordingly, Masks are required in all areas of the home at all times unless you are dining with your loved one or in the resident room with the resident.

• If you are not feeling well, or have any new symptoms of a cough, runny nose, stomach upset, headache or fever; please do not come to the home until your symptoms have been absent for 48 hours

• In outbreak situations, or if a resident is on additional precautions, all individuals are required to comply with masking and other personal protective equipment requirements (PPE) as directed by the outbreak management team and the local public health unit.

Outdoor Designated Smoking Area

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