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Caring Environments for Everyday Living

The F.J. Davey Home, located at 733 Third Line East, Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, is a three level 374 bed long-term care nursing home. The Home is designed to care for its residents in a homelike environment within 12 Resident Home Areas (RHA’s). Ten of the RHA’s accommodate 32 residents each and two of them are home to 27 residents each. Each RHA is designed so that when you enter through the "front door" you find yourself in the living room. The dining room and dedicated activity room are adjacent to this area. The resident’s bedrooms are found down two corridors with access to the Spa area from either hallway. The Charting Centre found on each RHA provides easy access to nursing staff by residents and their families.

Names for the Resident Home Areas were chosen by the residents and are depicted at the main entrance to each RHA and throughout by way of room identification and way finding signage. On each level you will find: Apple Orchard, Birch Lane, Cedar Grove and Driftwood Beach.

Each adjacent pair of RHA’s share a food service area, medication room, treatment room and are joined by a staff corridor.

Public and General Areas

The Centre Court of the building houses staff offices and service areas on four levels. The Service Level, accessible to staff only, contains the environmental and dietary plant components. The other three levels are accessible to residents and visitors and contain management and administration offices as well as group activity areas such as the Celebration Room, Chapel, Tuck Shop and family dining rooms - Maple Court and Pine Court. Staff dedicated areas including their dining room and classroom are found on Level 3.

The F. J. Davey Home staff provide quality and compassionate care with a resident centered approach. Families are welcomed and encouraged to actively participate in the lives of our residents and activities in our Home.

Pandemic - COVID19 Update

July 10, 2020 Update

The FJ Davey Home continues to proactively monitor for COVID 19 infection and completed staff surveillance testing on July 7th and 8th. All swab results have come back negative! We thank all staff for their proactive measures, both at home and at work, that continue to keep our workforce COVID-19 free!

We have commenced our outdoor visits which have been very emotional for all involved! The reunification of residents with family is amazing and makes one appreciate the impact of the measures that have been taken.

The hot weather has been both a blessing and a burden as we move into summer! We are very appreciative of our air-conditioned building and all the work maintenance does on an ongoing basis to keep all systems running!

To the friends and family connected to FJ Davey in some way, stay safe and give each other space!

June 2020 Update

We received all staff swab results from surveillance testing and, as noted, one staff member tested positive. This staff member is isolating at home during their recovery and we check up on them regularly.

So far, we have completed a total of 420 swabs. While testing can sometimes be uncomfortable, we appreciate the participation from our residents and staff in the best interest of everyone’s safety. We also completed a number of swabs on Residents to be proactive in identifying any potential areas of infection. These swabs were collected on Thursday June 18,and we are happy to confirm they all came back negative.

Our next round of staff surveillance testing is scheduled on July 7 and 8. We are in support of regular testing as they are key to catching any asymptomatic carriers of the virus and in mitigating the potential spread in our home and community. As well, this frequent testing is an innovative trial for how we can help reduce the transmission of virus and could help the healthcare sector improve infection prevention and control policies and procedures for the future.

Our visitation programs (outdoor visits and window visits) have been postponed until Algoma Public Health lifts our outbreak status or July 02nd (the 14 day isolation time frame) , depending on what comes first. We know being away from your loved one is very difficult, and while these visits are much different than in person, we are here to facilitate virtual visits and phone calls. We appreciate your patience and cooperation as we work through this together.

We continue to work with Algoma Public Health to ensure all measures are taken to protect our residents.

COVID-19 Screening and Swab Update (June 19, 2020)

“As part of ongoing, proactive staff surveillance testing, COVID-19 has been confirmed in a person of the FJ Davey Home. All other initial lab results have been negative. Some results are pending.

FJ Davey is working closely with Algoma Public Health. Based on careful investigation of all available information, the risk of exposure for residents and staff is low. Nonetheless we are putting “suspect outbreak” measures in place until the remainder of recent test results are reported. All residents continue to be monitored for symptoms every day, and any symptomatic resident is immediately tested. All staff have been provided appropriate PPE and worn them at all time

Algoma Public Health has notified close contacts, and additional guidance has been provided to potentially affected staff. At this time, a formal outbreak has not been declared at our facility.

Further questions or concerns please contact Algoma Public Health 705-759-5404.”

Thank You to all the Community Support - Please see the pictures attached!

Please click the following link to view a video made by our hardworking team here at FJ Davey:


Connecting with your family member or loved one

The Activities Department has been actively working with families to support many different types of communication, including face time, Skype and phone calls. Window visits were trialed, but have been stopped so that we are in line with the government mandate of a) essential travel only and b) stopping any activities that promote group gatherings.

Bringing food for a Resident

At this time, we cannot accept any food packages for Residents. There are a number of reasons for this including: a) the government has clearly stated that community travel must be for essential reasons only, so as to limit potential virus spread, b) the food container regardless of how packaged is a source of virus transmission either before it reaches the home or after it enters the home, and c) the screener has increased risk of exposure with every public contact and reducing these contacts points reduces their risk. Your support and understanding with this is appreciated. We acknowledge how hard this is for both you and the resident, but optimizing every precaution is our priority.

Ensuring ongoing Quality of Care

The interdisciplinary care conferences with families will still be held but will be done by phone. These will be arranged with you by the RAI coordinators via a letter that you will be sent. Should you have questions, please call Deb or Stephanie at 705-942-2204 extension 327 or 330

Preventing Infection Transmission

We ask all families, friends and relatives of our Residents to avoid all non-essential travel to the F.J. Davey Home. Community spread of the coronavirus is a key risk for our residents and we would like to optimize every opportunity to reduce this risk.

We would like to remind families and visitors that the COVID 19 virus has been shown to live for quite long periods of time on inanimate surfaces (paper, plastic, metal, rubber, clothing). Because of this we cannot accept items like cards, flowers, clothing, books, food or like items into the Home. The surfaces of these items may have been touched by multiple people and we are not able to wipe them down with a strong enough solution of cleaner to kill the virus. Your cooperation in protecting all the residents in the Home is appreciated.

We would also like to remind families and friends of loved ones that window visits are strongly discouraged. Many residents open their window in order to speak to the person on the outside, making virus transmission possible. Help us to work together to beat this virus!

Meals on Wheels Program Update

March 25, 2020 - Meals on Wheels has reluctantly decided to temporarily suspend it’s hot meal program due to concerns regarding the COVID-19 virus outbreak. This decision was taken out of an abundance of caution for our clients, staff and the people we serve. Protecting the safety of the persons who receive Meals on Wheels, as well as the safety of the residents of the F.J Davey Home, is our primary concern and focus.

We continue to reach out to the Meals on Wheels recipients and have been providing support in a number of ways, such as providing packaged frozen entrees and other food support items, as well as wellness checks by phone. The families of our Meals on Wheels clients have been very supportive in helping to meet as many needs as possible. We offer our sincere thanks for their support.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the residents of Sault Ste. Marie who have reached out to offer their help for our program. Our Meals on Wheels team is doing everything possible to continue to serve clients as we navigate this difficult situation. We will notify you as soon as we resume our regular operations.

Please monitor our home page at http://fjdaveyhome.org/ for further information and updates on our programs.

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