F.J. Davey

Board of Directors

Name Position
Trevor Butchard Director
Carol Amadio Director
Brett Dinsmore Director
Tracey McKiddie Director
Ramona Neveu Director
Sue McLean Board Chair
Ahmad Algouthani Vice Chair
Phyllis Robertson Secretary

Board Meetings

Date of Board Meeting Open Meeting Time Closed Meeting Time
June 10th, 2024 4:00pm 4:30pm
July 2024 (Meeting deferred) (Meeting deferred) (Meeting deferred)
August 2024 (Meeting deferred) (Meeting deferred) (Meeting deferred)
September 9th, 2024 4:00pm 4:30pm
October 15th, 2024 AGM 5:00pm
November 12th, 2024 4:00pm 4:30pm

What is meant by Board Governance?

What is the role of a board of directors for any organization? Most organizations that are incorporated, whether they are not-for-profit in the health care sector or a-for-profit Private Corporation, will have a board of directors. The FJ Davey Home Board of Directors is a governance board. Good governance fundamentally means that a Board will effectively carry out their fiduciary responsibilities.

“The fiduciary role of directors is to act in the best interests of the corporation as a whole. This requires the board to ensure the corporation it governs’ is successful in achieving the objectives or purposes it has set for itself. The board ensures the corporation’s sustainability by maintaining its tangible and intangible assets and financial viability” (Paraphrased from the Governance Center of Excellence, Guide to Good Governance, 3rd Ed.).

“In any decision coming before the board, the board acts in the best interests of the LTC Home and in a way that will support or further the mission, vision, and values of the Home. The Board holds the LTC home accountable for its financial responsibilities to its stakeholders (Funders, donors, volunteers, recipients of the service, business partners , suppliers)”